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Mile High Comics Departs From SDCC After 44 Years

by Neil Bui

America’s largest comics dealer with over 10 millions single issue comics and over 300,000 trade paperbacks, Mile High Comics, has announced that they will not be present at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

With SDCC’s evolution from an annual gathering of the comic book industry to a world-renown pop culture and media festival, higher costs and a change in the demographics of attendees have worked against the benefit of Mile High Comics.

To illustrate the change in costs, the first one-table booth in 1973 was $40 and last year’s 70′ space was over $18,000 and $16,500 the year before.

Now the more detrimental circumstances are the declining foot traffic in the exhibit hall, a result of the San Diego Fire Marshal placing stricter limits on the number of attendees allowed in the building at one time along with the available off-site events around the convention center.

The file nail on the coffin was SDCC management’s response or lack of response to hired freight handlers failing to deliver comics to their booth.

To read the full announcement, click here.

Mile High Comics logo.

Mile High Comics logo.

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