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#AsiansInFilm Spotlight: Marvel Studios’ Trinh Tran

by Neil Bui

As a first-gen Asian American, my passion for creativity and storytelling was stifled while pursuits such as mathematics and science were encouraged. And it was only natural for me to fall in line with what my parents had told me – there was no person my parents would recognize,  who I could point to say, “I want to be like them.” I’m sure this is a feeling many people can relate to if they had aspirations that were challenged by their family growing up. It’s not just limited to a Vietnamese-American like myself. But over the last few years, I started noticing a name while habitually sitting through the credits of some of my favorite Marvel films – Trinh Tran.

“Wow, a Vietnamese person worked on this film! And she’s the executive producer!”

Trinh Tran got her start at Marvel Studios as the assistant to Charlie Davis, head of post-production on 2008’s Iron Man. Under Davis, she worked on The Incredible Hulk. She moved on to be the assistant for producers Victoria Alonso and Louis D’Esposito on the films Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers.

“I always know she could do it, but she did it with such grace and confidence, which she continues to do to this day,” D’Espirito said.

She was later promoted to a creative executive starting with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In Captain America: Civil War, she was additionally an associate producer for the ensemble cast film, a precursor to the magnitude of the Avengers films she would be an executive producer on – Infinity War and Endgame.

Tran’s role as a producer evolved into a more senior role during the production of Infinity War, while she was an executive producer on Endgame from beginning to end.

“Trinh is one of those amazing success stories that I love so much. I’ve made that climb, and I believe it very much,” Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, said. “We nurture talent at Marvel Studios, and there’s no greater example of that than Trinh Tran.”

The name Trinh Tran will be making its next appearance as executive producer for the 8 episodes of the first season of the Hawkeye series coming to Disney+ next year.

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