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Quantum Leap: REALLY Returns January 30, 2023

by Neil Bui

Quantum Leap returns January 30, 2023 for the first of eight remaining episodes of the current season.

Quantum Leap is a series that has become known not only for its body-hopping, time-traversing adventures, but also its heart-wrenching vulnerability as each episode drives both ongoing and episodic developments. For those unfamiliar, one can expect each episode to feature a new leap – a journey into a new individual at some point in time, where our main character is meant to help change a series of events for the better in order to make a new leap. The overall goal for the main cast of protagonists is to find our Leaper back in his present time, as well as unravel the mysteries of why he began this journey which is presently blocked by his own memory loss.

With each episode, not only does Ben Song help make the world a better place through good deeds in the past that amass as significant milestone events, but he begins to uncover his own personal memories from before the series’ first episode. His experiences as a South Korean immigrant raised by a single mother felt incredibly raw, and emotionally gripping.

The sci-fi series left off with Dr. Ben Song, played by Raymond Lee, yet again teleporting across time and space into his next “leap” as a colonel, after successfully saving 3 lives as a doctor in his previous. Back in his original present day, his friends have brought in Janis Calavicci to explain her involvement with Ben’s unexplained journey. She had previously attempted to make contact with Ben but in doing so gave Ben’s team of friends enough information to ultimately track her down.

It has been a slowburn uncovering the details of Ben Song’s journey as all that has been explained in the past 10 episodes has been that this was done in order to save the life of his fiance Addison Augustine (played by Caitlin Bassett). So I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to know more quickly.

Catch the next episode of Quantum Leap, “Leap, Die, Repeat” on January 30 at 10 p.m. on NBC and streaming on Peacock.

Episode Synopsis: When Ben leaps into one of five people in an elevator at a 1962 nuclear reactor, he must figure out which one triggers a bomb that kills them all. Each time the bomb goes off, he leaps into another one of them an hour earlier and the scene resets on a loop. 

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