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Reginald the Vampire: Episode 6 Exclusive Clip – “That problem is you”

by Neil Bui

Ahead of this week’s new episode of Reginald the Vampire, Dorkaholics is happy to share an exclusive clip from the episode.

In the scene, fresh vampire Reginald Baskin played by Jacob Batalon is learning the seriousness of his predicament as explained by veteran vampire Maurice Miller played by Mandela Van Peebles.

Reginald expresses gratitude for the repeated number of times Maurice “cleans up his messes,” but unfortunately this time is a matter that Maurice might not be able to fix.

“Do you have any idea the level of clutster!@#$ you just found yourself in?” Maurice asks Reginald.

Not fully recognizing the imminent threat, Reginald utters, “You mean the weird vampire lady?”

Maurice is not amused.

“Of course I’m talking about the weird vampire lady! That’s Nikki, the vampire assassin, the world’s deadliest. That woman, she takes care of Angela’s problems.”

For those who need a refresher, Angela is Maurice’s ex.

“Reginald, that problem is you.”

He’s is in disbelief as he’s only seen a soft side of Nikki who sings.

“That woman is chaos incarnate. She is a hurricane with feet. She’ll end your life and obliterate everything and everyone in it.”

It’s only when he makes the grave realization that his loved ones are in danger that Regi rushes off.

Catch this episode on SyFy on Wednesday night at 10pm PST!

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