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Supergirl: Farewell Tribute

by Neil Bui

SUPERGIRL star Melissa Benoist is joined by stars from across all six seasons of the show — including Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines, Azie Tesfai, Julie Gonzalo, Staz Nair, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, Chris Wood, and Peta Sergeant — to take a look back at the epic run of the super series. From flying rigs to fan encounters, and Kryptonians to karaoke, share in some of the cast’s funniest, favorite, and most memorable moments.

Read on below for a transcription of the highlights of the SUPERGIRL Farewell Tribute.

How has Supergirl impacted your life?

Melissa Benoist: it’s changed my life and it’s been a joy seeing the way this canon and the mythology affects people and young girls and the people that look up to our characters. It’s very meaningful. 

David Harewood: I was originally cast as Hank and it was only after the pilot that I was made the Martian Manhunter. I can remember going home with a pile of Martian Manhunter comics and just reading all of them, thinking ‘this guy is awesome.’ So I was really excited to suddenly get this brand new character and fall into this whole story arc, which has been really great for me and I’ve really enjoyed not just playing the character but meeting all these fabulous people and learning to direct on the show as well. 

Favorite moment

Jesse Rath: My favorite scene is where Staz and Melissa do karaoke and sing “Africa” by TOTO. I think it’s magical and I’ve watched it on repeat. I love it so much. 

Staz Nair: It was a lot of fun. Both of us come from a musical background, so it was really nice to, at any point, get to find a way to kind of combine all the mediums of art. 

Melissa Benoist: My favorite scene that we ever did is in my favorite episode. It was Kevin’s first episode and he ordered the bacon wrapped bacon bread with cheese and bacon. We’re playing games in a random school bus. And it was so Star Wars-y and like a buddy adventure. 

Wildest scene or stunt

Chris Wood: In season 2, I had to eat ten pancakes at once. It’s not funny, my jaw sort of dislocated a little bit. 

Jesse Rath: I had a pizza scene this season and I was like maybe I’ll eat the whole pizza, and someone was like Chris already did that. 

David Harewood: We do have a fantastic stunt team. Give it up for the whole team. 

Melissa Benoist: The craziest day I’ve had stunt wise was on the green screen and wires. It was me in the harness hanging and with Tyler Hoechlin (playing Superman). 

Azie Tesfai: It is fun when you’re being carried by Supergirl. It’s lovely, it’s quite comfortable.

Funniest moment

Jeremy Jordan: One of the funniest things we did was cloth magic. Has that made it into the world yet? Cloth magic is a spinoff show that never happened. Basically we would put either of their capes up and pull them down and something would happen behind them. 

Jesse Rath: What I think are the funniest moments are anytime David forgets his lines on set. He’s directing an episode and he’s also in the scene but forgets he has the first line of the scene. So if you know David, the way he directs is there’s a lot of energy so he’ll be like ‘alright that’s it keep that energy, keep that energy, alright, and action! Line.’ 

Favorite Fan Interaction 

Katie McGrath: I get a lot of letters from girls saying that until they saw Lena Luthor on tv, they didn’t think it was okay for a girl to be studying science. There are lots of them who tell me they are in engineering and thank for me and the show for that.  It’s such a small thing it seems like, but that’s the beginning of a whole new life for them, that they didn’t think was possible, until they watched the show. 

Melissa Benoist: There was a little girl who is actually the daughter of one of our crew members who when she met me she went ‘I have a question – is your belt attached to your skirt or your shirt?’ 

Chyler Leigh: We had a great moment, we did a  Comic-Con, in Chicago, and we had the line for people to come through and get autographs and what not. And there’s a family, this woman came through with her two daughters and one was her biological daughter and the other was adopted and it was such a wonderful moment because they looked at the both of us just saying you embody exactly what we have in our household, we don’t ever get to see that. And to see a healthy family dynamic like that. And the young girl said me being adopted coming to the family feeling like I belonged meant so much. That I remember was really, really special. 

Nicole Maines: I feel like we have to talk about when you meet small children who think that you’re really a superhero, and think that all of your powers and everything you do is real and then getting to navigate the conversation. I just talked to a little girl on set a little while ago and she was like ‘make a shield! Do it!’ And I was like ‘I can’t.’ And she’s like ‘Why?’ ‘I’m tired… because I’m Dreamer.’ 

Melissa Benoist: It’s tricky for me because then they’ll watch me jump and then just fall back to the ground, like I have to jump.

What will you miss most?

Julie Gonzalo: I got to work with very special people and I think I’ll miss you guys the most. I think like you said, the collaboration is really great. I think the friendship is what you miss. 

Mehcad Brooks: Even if it’s hard sometimes here, there’s going to be moments like two months from now, three months from now, you go ‘that’s not going to happen again…’ And I can tell you straight up, having been gone a year, you miss each other. 

David Harewood: It has been lovely to work with a family, a real family type of people who support each other. I’ll definitely miss that. 

MB: I think I’ll miss playing a superhero. When enough time has gone by and I have some energy.

We’ll miss you Supergirl. SUPERGIRL airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. #DCFanDome #Supergirl

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