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What’s New: The Glory Part 2 and Rogers: The Musical

by Neil Bui

Pop culture is a never-ending world of updates, teases, trailers, and hopefully releases. What’s New Wednesday is Dorkaholics’ way to keep us all up to date with what’s new across comics, tv, film, games, and more! This week, the focus is on The Glory Part 2 and Rogers: The Musical.

  1. The Glory Part 2: Main Trailer and New Poster

Netflix has released the main trailer for The Glory Part 2 which premieres on March 10th. The second half of the series will have 8 episodes to bring viewers to the conclusion of Dong-eun’s lifelong revenge masterplan.

In addition to this new trailer featuring the perpetrators shamelessly lacking guilt and remorse for their cruel actions towards Dong-eun, a new main poster features all of the main characters under the words “welcome to my hell.”

Catch The Glory Part 2 on Netflix starting March 10.

  1. Rogers: The Musical Comes to Disneyland Summer 2023

Disney Parks has announced on Twitter that the “Broadway” show Rogers: The Musical is coming to Disneyland California Adventure this summer.

For the unfamiliar, this musical wasn’t actually on Broadway but rather a featured part of the Hawkeye series on Disney+ when Clint Barton took his family to see a stage play based on the life of his Avengers teammate Steve Rogers (Captain America).

Fans took to the web and social media to rave about the musical clip, and now those same fans can experience it for themselves with the opportunity to attend this shortened, one-act play themselves at the Hyperion Theater at Disneyland California Adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates to come such as the exact opening date!

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