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6 Tips to Improve at Racing Games

by Guest Submission

If you love the action of driving and racing games, then these tips are ones you’ll want to master. Improve your gameplay easily with the actionable strategies below so that you can get to the next level. Get into the driver’s seat with confidence!

1. Learn the Tracks

The first step to improved performance is to get a feel for the different tracks and cars. Then you can start to understand the changes you have to make to do better.

As you try different routes and tracks, notice the way cars handle corners, stop, speed up, and slow down. You’ll also see quickly that some are very realistic reflections of street racing, while others have more of an arcade look.

2. Match the Car to the Track

Once you realize that not every car fits every track, you’re going to take your gameplay to new heights! Some vehicles are better with tight corners than others, so choose wisely for the route that you’ve experimented with in step one.

Depending on what the game developer created, you might be able to customize the car too. If so, take the opportunity to create a vehicle that matches your driving approach, and that excites you to drive so that you’re more likely to practice regularly.

3. Use Practice Areas

Many players avoid using practice areas, unfortunately. However, this area is a terrific one for any competitive gamer.

Make use of this part of the game, whatever the features are. Some games have racing trials, while others have short races.

Try different cars, see how they perform in different scenarios, and master turns and build other skills. Improve your stats with practice.

4. Master the Steering

The steering sensitivity varies from one game to another. Rather than driving as you would on the road in real life, it’s important to understand that you’re going to have a more sensitive wheel in the game. That’s because the speeds are significantly higher than during your travels in the real world.

To get a good feel for the steering, begin by driving at a low speed and keep to the far left or right of the turn. Then build momentum slowly, continuing to practice these movements. Keep increasing the speed to the point where you feel no longer in control and then slow down.

Over time, you will feel more confident steering around turns quickly. In Madalin Stunt Cars 2, you’ll get to master adrenaline-pumping moves as you drift, drag, and race your way through the streets.

Over time, you will feel more confident steering around turns quickly in racing games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Photo: Madalin Games

Over time, you will feel more confident steering around turns quickly in racing games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Photo: Madalin Games

5. Pumping the Brakes

Rather than sitting on the brake, pump it instead when going around tight corners. In wider turns, where there’s no need to brake, glide through it without any acceleration.

If it’s only a slight turn, speed up. When you’re unsure how to handle a specific turn, listen carefully to other vehicles’ engines.

6. Do Your Homework

Check if there are forums and social groups online with other players who love the same game as you and connect with beginners too. If so, then you can reach out to them for tips or see what they’ve posted about how they get to the next levels.

Use this valuable information to better your performance tomorrow. With practice, you can improve your racing skills and dominate the game of choice.

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