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“Arrow” Season 2 Update

by Stephen Huynh

With shows and movies being based off of comic books left and right, I thought it would be nice to start giving new fans (thanks to these mediums) a place to get a glimpse into their comic book counterparts. So I thought “What better way to introduce people to the comic book world than to write about Arrow?” and give some of my thoughts here and there!

Here’s my “Arrow character guide for Season 2-SPOILER ALERT!


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Played by Stephen Amell)

I won’t spend too much time on the Green Arrow because by now, if you’re a fan of the show, you pretty much know who Oliver Queen is. Now although I personally thought Justin Hartley would’ve been great for this role (as well as Aquaman) minus Smallville’s costume. But Stephen Amell has proved himself to be an amazing Arrow, although I didn’t really buy him as the millionaire party playboy.
For the most part, Oliver is exactly like his comic book self, he was a rich and careless playboy who ends up on an island, learns to survive and comes back to town wanting to seek justice (sounds normal right?). Now in season 2, we pretty much see Oliver finally getting some new allies (but also new enemies).

Moira Queen (Played by Susanna Thompson)

Moira is almost nonexistent in the comics. She was killed very early in Oliver’s life (probably because all the great superheroes have dead parents – Think. About. It. Justice League? More like Orphan League). Since after the destruction of the Glades, Moira has been pretty much shunned by society and who could blame them? She helped a crazy man build an earthquake machine. But, with the recent episode of Arrow, she’s thinking about running for mayor against Brother Blood. Don’t get me wrong, I’d totally vote for her. But I mean that’s just me. I like to see the world burn.

Thea Queen/Speedy (Played by Willa Holland)

Believe it or not, Thea doesn’t exist in the comics! That’s right. She was made simply for the show and I love it. Initially I thought “great, another pain in the ass sister type character,” but I’ve been proved wrong as of late. She has even more potential of becoming a badass than Laurel at this point. Also, it’s obviously no coincidence that her nickname is “Speedy” which is the pseudonym/nickname of Green Arrow’s sidekicks (Roy Harper and later, Mia Dearden).

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)/Black Canary/Sara Lance(Caity Lotz)

Now this is perhaps my biggest problem with “Arrow.” Laurel Lance is the name of the sexy/seductive superheroine Black Canary. In the comics, Black Canary is a well-trained martial artists with a huge arsenal of talents from marksmanship, weapon master and of course, her sonic screaming powers. Think of her as the Black Widow of the DC Universe, if you really had to simplify it.

However in the current continuity of Arrow, Sara (Laurel’s sister) takes on that mantle and, don’t get me wrong, she does a fantastic job. She plays the part of vengeful hot Assassin pretty well. I loved the plot twist of Dinah as the Canary. I just wish they didn’t cop out by giving her one scene in which she uses a piece of technology to project a scream.
Perhaps the best way I see Laurel taking the reins is if her sister dies in the coming episodes, she goes on a journey to find herself (similar to Ollie, Merlin and so on) and comes back as the revived Black Canary.

But for right now, Sara (who we discovered was on the island with Oliver and later joined the League of Assassins) is obviously the more badass sister between the two. Meanwhile, Laurel (who had potential after showing us some unarmed combat prowess in EPISODE ONE OF THE SECOND SEASON-let’s not get too excited, it was like one move) is now hooked on drugs and trusted by no one for her crazy theories about Sebastian Blood.

I honestly had very high hopes for Laurel with season 2 to finally take matters into her own hands and become a strong, independent woman. But yet again, here we see her as a fragile, weak woman hooked on drugs. I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt, Laurel’s character development is going to be amazing once she does take over as the new Black Canary.

In fact, nothing would give me a harder nerd boner than to see in the later seasons, Arrow and Canary (when did we start dropping the colors from their name?) fighting alongside one another against Slade Wilson.

Whenever The Canary leaves an area (i.e. jumps away from a ledge), a canary cry can be heard in the music. – Arrow Wikipedia

Felicity Smoak (Played by Emily Bett Rickards)

In the comics, Felicity is pretty much just a manager at a computer software firm. I guess that makes her somewhat capable with computers. I mean if you looked her up on the DC wiki page, her only ability listed is Business Administration. Poor comic book Felicity. At least, your TV counterpart is pretty much awesome AND soon-to-be-dating THE FLASH.

Slade Wilson (Played by Manu Bennett)

In the DC Universe, Wilson was a genetically improved soldier with mastery over unarmed combat, military warfare, weapons master and much more.  He primarily worked as a gun for hire (mostly an assassin). He was basically groomed to be a soldier since a very young age and is now working for himself. Who can blame him?

In the world of “Arrow,” we learned that he was formerly an ASIS agent and member of Team 7. In a recent episode, we’ve learned that in the past while trying to save his life, Oliver injected Slade with a mysterious drug that ended up giving him crazy powers as well as a boost of rage and vengeance.  In the present, he’s now in Starling City, leader of the Blood Cult and has a strange fetish to really make Oliver suffer for past wrongs.

Roy Harper (Played by Colton Haynes)

Roy Harper was Green Arrow’s first sidekick who established himself as a skilled archer even without his mentor. Similar to his TV counterpart, Roy idolized the hell out of the Green Arrow and wished nothing more than to join him. When he was a kid, he entered an archery competition and although he lost, gained the Green Arrow’s notice and eventually his tutelage. With regards to The New 52 and present comic timeline, Roy (who now goes by the name of Arsenal) joined the Outlaws with Red Hood and Starfire.

TV Roy is currently trying to come to terms with his newfound powers, and by proxy, his roid rage. In the latest episode of “Arrow,” Olivers finally taken notice of Roy and is helping him train. I’m extremely excited for the episode when he finally teaches him to use a bow but I find it incredibly a waste since he’s super juiced up and has no real need for it.

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