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Dating for Dorks: Is Dating Asian Girls Just a Fad?

by Kat Liu

Is dating Asian girls just a fad?


Our Miss Dorkaholics of July 2016, one example of the Asian girls discussed.. Photo by Neil Bui.

Our Miss Dorkaholics of July 2016, one example of the Asian girls discussed. Photo by Neil Bui.

I feel like this is a super tricky question. I guess we’re operating under the assumption that presently in Western society, Asian women are more appealing than other women? Hmm like in a hypothetical situation where there are 2 male captains and 50 women (25 of them being Asian and the other 25 being “other”) and the men were to choose the women from a lineup (like we do when captains are picking their kickball teams), the Asian women would get picked first. Haha, I guess I could’ve picked a better analogy but I think it’s funny to compare dating women to picking kickball teams. Whatever.

So back to your question– at this point in time, the Asian women will get picked first, because of yellow fever. Okay. Fair enough. I guess the next question would be why are Asian women getting picked first? Is it because we are biologically better, faster, stronger than other women? If so, then no– it’s not a fad. We’re just better. And better kickball players will always get picked first over subpar kickball players. And as an Asian woman, this makes me feel pretty good. Arrogant as fuck. But good. Because who doesn’t want to be the best? But let’s be realistic. I honestly don’t think Asian women are better than anyone else. It really comes down to a matter of preference. So the next question: why do men SEEM to prefer Asian women? I asked a few men who have historically dated Asian women in their past: JC, my ex (I’m his first Asian girlfriend but he claims to have loved Asian women for awhile, he just never “acted” on it), Neil Bui – co-creator, writer, and strategist from Dorkaholics, and my pal, Jevon- aspiring DJ and all around badass fellow. JC is white, Neil is Asian, and Jevon is black.


JC (white boy ex-boyfriend): I like the pigmentation of their skin, especially their nipples. I also like the squeaking sounds that they make when having sex.

I’d like to take a moment to interject here as myself and say that I DO NOT MAKE FUCKING SQUEAKING SOUNDS WHEN I HAVE SEX SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HE’S TALKING ABOUT

Neil (Asian Dorkaholics co-creator/strategist): I like the cultural values we share. We have more in common and seem to connect on a deeper level than, say if I were to date a girl from another race.

What a boring answer Neil. Way to play it safe and give me this crap, straddle-the-fence, diplomatic answer. This is the last time I ever interview your vanilla ass.

Jevon (black cool as fuck friend): I’ve always liked Asian women when I was a little kid. Of course, there was this girl who was white, she was my first kiss I guess. Then I had a few crushes on a couple black girls and Latinas, but at the end of the day. I’ve always thought about having an Asian girlfriend. It’s a preference for me. Of course, I do try to get out of my comfort zone and date other girls. But I just find Asian girls cute. Sometimes I even find the ghettos Asians hot. But I try not to affiliate myself with the whole “yellow fever” people always categorize themselves with. If it’s a fetish that I’m denying, then I don’t know what to say.

So basically, Jevon, what you are saying, it’s because we’re cute. Yes, you’ve had vanilla milk, chocolate milk, even salsa milk, but what you really want is BANANA MILK. Roger that, Jevon. Thanks for your roundabout, but honest answer. PS you totally have yellow fever.

OK , so @themeowlos, it looks like the answer to your question is MAYBE. Guys seem to like Asian girls because of our AESTHETICS and mannerisms. We’re cute. We’re petite. We squeak. We make peace signs. And we’ll probably forever be all Pikachu-y and Jigglypuff-esque. SO as long as men keep their preferences, it looks like Asian girls are here to stay.

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