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DC Multiverse: The World Needs Heroes #DCHeroes – 2022 Film Slate

by Neil Bui

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new promo called ‘The World Needs Heroes’ showcasing their 2022 feature films starring heroes from DC Comics and a new hashtag, #DCHeroes.

The World Needs Heroes

This powerful lineup of heroes from around the universe multiverse features Batman, Black Adam, The Flash, and Aquaman.

This new spot also gives fans a first look at characters such as Hawkman, Cyclone, Dr. Fate, and Atom Smasher.

The first of the #DCHeroes to appear in theaters will be The Batman on March 4, followed by Black Adam on July 29, then The Flash on November 4, and finally Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom on December 16. (T_T it’s going to be so many months an eternity between The Batman and Black Adam T_T)

Which of these upcoming films are you most excited to see this year? The Batman is a no-brainer, but the remaining three films each offer something different and amazing, especially as expansions of this DC Multiverse. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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