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Deep Rock Galactic: The Sci-Fi Masterpiece We’ve Wanted

by Lethbridge College

Deep Rock Galactic is the fantasy/sci fi masterpiece we have all been waiting for. You play as a race of Tolkien-esque dwarves tasked with gathering resources from Hoxxes IV, a beautiful but hostile planet with many interesting biomes containing rare and valuable minerals. Fight off hordes of insect-like alien creatures sure to make your skin crawl as you explore massive cave systems that are randomly generated to ensure every playthrough is unique.

In this review we will be going over some of the different elements that make this game great, including the settings, characters, playstyles, and supports- as well as some interesting history about the development!


Planet Hoxxes

The planet Hoxxes IV is a dangerous and hostile world with a volatile ecosystem, infested with alien arachnids. Few dares to set foot upon Hoxxes, and so it has been deemed inhospitable to all forms of sentient life. That’s where the Deep Rock Galactic Mining Corporation comes in, armed with mechanical wonders and a complete disregard for OSHA regulations.

The Deep Rock Galactic Mining Corporation (or DRG) views Hoxxes as a lucrative opportunity as the planet is teeming with valuable untapped resources. The corporation will stop at nothing to get the goods, but who can they possibly send to do such a difficult and dangerous job? The answer is dwarves.


Dwarves “Rock and stone!”

Dwarves are a robust, stout race of people well known for their grit and guile. Incredible explorers and miners, dwarves are brave in battle and genius gadget creators making them the perfect choice for DRG’s Hoxxes mining project.

Featuring one to four player co-ops, there are four unique classes of dwarves to choose from, allowing you to create a dynamic team to undertake even the most challenging missions the corporation might throw at you. Not only are the dwarves reminiscent of traditional RPG style dwarf races that we know and love, but they have a good deal of lore that can be picked up on in the character voice lines as you play.



What would a game about dwarves in space be without distinct mining abilities? To gather materials from the caves of Hoxxes, your team must come equipped with the skills needed to overcome difficult terrain, labyrinth-like cave systems, and an endless stream of space bugs. That’s where the Deep Rock Galactic Mining Corporation’s company issued gear and gadgets come in.

Try out a vast array of different grenades and tactical upgrades that unlock as you level each class, allowing you to customize your playstyle and keep up with the increasing difficulty as you and your team explore deeper into the planet’s core.


Meet Your Robots “ALL FOR MOLLY”

Meeting the mission goals outlined by the corporation would be impossible without the help of your mechanical friends!

Molly (Mining Utility Life Engine or M.U.L.E)

Molly is the most important member of any mining team. With an endless inventory, Molly acts as a traveling depository that can be called at any time. Uneven terrain or gravity is no obstacle to Molly as she can scale walls and climb upside down to reach you wherever you are in your adventure.

Bosco (APD-B317)

Bosco is a small floating robot that accompanies you on solo mining excavations. Marking mineral deposits for you to find and assisting you in combat, Bosco is the MVP you can rely on.

Betsy (Breakpoint Explosives Transport – Combat Specification or BET-C)

Large and in charge, Betsy is a destructive force that can easily take down large hordes of enemies. Betsy is essentially a walking tank.


The Deep Rock Galactic Mining Corporation is with you every step of the way during your missions, keeping in contact with you via radio communications. As you progress through the task list, the corporation will send in the necessary large-scale equipment such as mining rigs, refineries and the beloved Drilldozers.

About The Creators

Nordic Themes for Nordic Games

Deep Rock Galactic is the debut title for Ghost Ship Games, a game development company that works out of Denmark. Ghost Ship Games later joined with the Swedish based company Coffee Stain Publishing in February 2017. This choice makes a lot of sense as Coffee Stain Publishing have notably produced titles of a similar feel and theme such as  Valheim, Goat Simulator and Sanctum. In July 2021, Embracer Group, which is a video game and media holding company established under the name Nordic Games Licensing, obtained Ghost Ship Games.

The game launched in February of 2018 for early access and the full game was released two years later on May 13, 2020, with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The fanbase has only grown since then, and two new spin-off titles have emerged.


Face The Hordes Alone

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single player survivor-like auto-shooter that is expected to be released towards the end of 2023. The game is projected to release early access and remain there for 6-12 months while development concludes. Developed by Funday Factory, the game is a top-down style solo experience.


A New Way to Adventure

A brand-new tabletop adventure is in the final stages of production and copies are beginning to ship out worldwide!

Currently being developed by Mood Publishing and backed by Kickstarter, there are several levels of pledges with different reward tiers, including a collector’s edition with exclusive content.

Incentives: Interestingly, the board game version comes with 3D printed miniatures that are customizable.

Written by Shayden Coburn, Lethbridge College

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