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Green Lantern Day, Sector 2814

by Stephen Huynh

I’m probably the biggest Green Lantern fan any of my friends know. So I’m here today to tell you that today is Green Lantern Day. How so? Green Lanterns are each assigned a sector to patrol and for Earth, that Sector is 2814. Today, if written out, it’s 2.8.14 ! Thus, GL Day! In honor of Green Lantern Day, I thought I’d tell you guys, my friends, a little something about the Lanterns that protect us on a daily basis.

So quick Flash facts: The Green Lantern Corps is this intergalactic police force that keeps the peace in the universe under the leadership of these little blue smurfs called “The Guardians of the Universe” (okay they’re not really smurfs but they might as well be). The Guardians are described as one of the longest living beings with a vast archive of knowledge of almost everything in the universe. Way back in the day, they discovered a way to harness the power of the color spectrum (and essentially emotions) into power rings that created constructs from the imaginations of whoever wielded them. Eventually they thought all the colors were way too strong and uncontrollable but figured green (will) would be their best bet in their police force.

By the way, did I mention that the green power rings choose who becomes a lantern? After the current owner of a green ring dies, the ring will seek out the nearest person with the highest potential to overcome fear.

Fast forward to today, Earth “currently” has 6 Green Lanterns (and one Red Lantern but that’s something to discuss at another time):


Alan Scott:
Alan Scott is considered the original human green lantern. However, unlike the other Green Lanterns, Scott’s power doesn’t come from the Guardians of the Universe. His power comes from an entity called the Starheart, a being that used to be imprisoned by the Guardians. Scott was also a founding member of the Justice Society. In the New 52, Scott’s sexual orientation was rewritten and he was introduced as an iconic gay figure. He’s currently featured in the book Earth-2, continuing the fight for justice and freedom.


Hal Jordan
Hal is arguably the most famous of the human Green Lanterns. If you saw the movie Green Lantern (2011), then you pretty much know Hal’s basic back story. He’s a light-hearted (but serious when necessary) type of guy and he’ll always fight for the little guy and never back down. Hal rose through the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps against all odds and proved to the other Lanterns that he was a human to reckon with. He gained wide recognition for his heroics and practically the respect of every single Green Lantern member. Hal is currently the leader of the Green Lantern Corps and is recruiting/teaching new members as they’re chosen.


Guy Gardner
Gardener was actually the one to have been originally given Hal Jordan’s ring. Abin Sur, the previous owner of the Green Lantern ring, had intended to pass his ring to Guy Gardner. Gardner eventually became a Green Lantern through his own merit and was recruited to be apart of a small Green Lantern strike force, assembled by 6 Guardians that had separated from the rest of the Guardians. He has an eccentric personality and is more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Over time, he became an honored Green Lantern and was respected for his heroics. Eventually, he was promoted to Lantern Number One of theHonor Guard, which basically made him one of the top brass in the ranks. The Honor Guard are an elite group of Green Lanterns that aren’t restricted to any sector and can take own missions as they see fit. He held authority over the majority of the other Lanterns and could do as he please.
Currently, however, Gardner has given up Green Lantern ring in favor of the Red Ring of rage.


John Stewart
John Stewart is perhaps the only one that makes sense as an officer in an intergalactic police force. He was a U.S. Marine Sniper and quite often conjures guns through his ring as his weapon of choice. Similar to Hal and Guy, John rose to prominence through his deeds and was given a place among the Oan Honor Guard as well as the position of chief trainer for new Green Lanterns. However, unlike the other Lanterns, Stewart isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done. Currently, he’s been charged with the murder of two other Lantern members. It’s a long story. You’ll just have to catch up 😀


Kyle Rayner
Kyle Rayner was a broke artist living in Los Angeles with almost nothing to his name. He was pretty much chosen because he was in the right place at the right time. While outside of a nightclub one night, Rayner ran into Ganthet (a Guardian) who literally said “You will have to do.” At the time, Rayner was the last member of the Lantern Corps. Big leap, I know. The Lanterns were pretty much wiped out after Hal Jordan went crazy, again another story for another time. Moving on, Rayner is the perhaps the most creative of the 6. He conjures all types of tools at his disposal and was even one of the first Lanterns to create living constructs. Currently, he’s known around the galaxy as the White Lantern, the sole being with the ability to control all 7 colors of the emotional spectrum, the only one of his kind  in existence.

Simon Baz, the Newest Green Lantern of Sector 2814

Simon Baz
Baz is the most recent human Green Lantern from Earth. Baz’s introduction caused quite a stir because he’s the first Arab American member of the Green Lantern corps AND one of the first to be a featured hero. Interestingly enough, because of his background as an automotive engineer, his light constructs are often vehicles.
Through sheer coincidence, Baz was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had accidentally stolen a car with a bomb in the back. This led him to be charged as a suspected terrorist in the eyes of the American government. Baz is also the first Green Lantern ever to actually keep a physical gun on his possession, another feature that ruffled the jimmies of GL fans. Baz is currently an active member of the Green Lantern Corps and is barely making his bones.

guy gardner john stewart green lantern corps

Lastly, Citizens of Sector 2814, enjoy Green Lantern Day!
February 2nd, of 2014 is a once in a lifetime day!
Seriously, it’ll never happen again.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!

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