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Hello 2021! Dorkaholics Turns 7… What Next?

by Neil Bui

Happy New Year,

Welcome back to Dorkaholics, your group of friends on the Internet who love all the dorky things you do!

TL;DR in bold:

Dorkaholics is not just a media publication, but also the Internet’s pop culture club – an online community for fans to gather, connect and celebrate pop culture.

In the past seven years, Dorkaholics has operated as a media publication where its team members wrote articles, gave reviews, shared op-eds, and occasionally produced video content.

And while I’d like to say our decisions were made from a place of passion balanced with insightful analysis, I feel like we left some stones unturned in the path to discovering what Dorkaholics was and what it could be.

After taking some downtime these last few weeks to really return to my origins and figure out what it is that I want to do, I realized this thing called Dorkaholics needs to shift how it thinks of itself.

When my comic book friends and I started this website back in January 2014, we were trying to take our passion for pop culture and share it with others. At that time, we were nearing the end of college, a period of time that had us thinking about our futures.

And for me at least, I wanted to have a future that allowed me to live life continuing to be a fan of superheroes. I didn’t end up in some job that would force me to be someone else or have to hide parts of who I am. Unfortunately, that pushed me to simply regurgitate what I had learned during my four-year education in technology, journalism, and business.

Now looking back, I can see that there was something amiss. What began as a passion project gradually became motivated by less fun things. Despite the early roots of this effort lying in friendship and connecting with others, I genuinely feel like that message got lost somewhere along the way.

So this isn’t a new year’s resolution post, but more so a new year’s reflection on the last seven years to help determine where we want to go forward with the next seven.

From now on, think of Dorkaholics as the Internet’s pop culture club for fans to find a community and celebrate their favorite characters and series. We’re still going to be producing content, but it’s less about sharing the biggest news of the day, and more about getting a conversation started.

Please connect with us across the different platforms (Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook) and participate in the comments here at home base as well.

Take care,

Neil Bui

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