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JustWatch: 2023 Streaming Market Share

by Neil Bui

JustWatch has shared another data report with Dorkaholics, this time about the market share breakdown amongst the streaming services.

Over the course of last year, interesting developments include:

  • Paramount+ leading with the highest increase since January 2023, adding a total of 2%
  • Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV+ each saw growth of 1%
  • Disney+ suffered with a loss of 3%

Without access to additional data from JustWatch such as the content being consumed (or not viewed), it is hard to say with certainty as to why these trends are happening among the streaming services. However, as an avid viewer of the content available as well as a reviewer, certain things seem to line up:

  • Paramount+ is the new kid on the block and taking advantage of their IP by offering films that serve as reunions like Teen Wolf: The Movie and Zoey 102, as well as new series based on established works such a new iCarly series and various Star Trek series
  • In additional, they are offering original(ish) works such as Love in Taipei (a live-action adaptation of a novel)
  • Prime Video has been killing it with The Boys, Gen V, Invincible, With Love, The Wheel of Time, and have new series out like Expats
  • Netflix has continued to deliver quality programming with their breadth of offerings, with live-action adaptations of series such as One Piece and YuYu Hakusho, with Avatar: The Last Airbender coming later this year, as well as their heavy investment into Korean content (Kill Boksoon, Black Knight, Doona!, Gyeongseong Creature)
  • Apple TV+ crossed paths with Dorkaholics through works such as Tetris, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Steph Curry: Underrated, The Afterparty).

Now with Disney+, my hunch tells me that indulging audiences with round the year series from their favorite franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars, simply wasn’t enough to keep subscriptions locked in or at least grow to keep up with what I imagine to be a growing pie overall for the market share of streaming services.

However, that may change for Disney+ this year as they seem to borrow a page from Netflix’s playbook and continuing to invest in content from Asia such as Moving, which did well, and now a slate of Korean content is set for this year (including Uncle Samsik, The Impossible Heir, Light Shop). But given that this data is honed in on the United States, it is important to note that Moving and the upcoming series have Hulu as their digital home for audiences in the United States, meaning it isn’t directly impacting the market share of Disney+ but that of Hulu.

Additionally, JustWatch provided a chart of the market share at the end of the final quarter of the year, which shows Disney’s streamers, Disney+ and Hulu combined gathering more shares than market leader Prime Video, with Netflix close behind with only a 1% difference.

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