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Rainbow Six Siege: Balanced Fun, But Too Competitive

by College and Career Advantage

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the middle ground of the three games I review, has the worst community in my opinion but is somehow less draining then Valorant. It’s known for its extremely toxic community, and I have experienced my fair share of it.

The game was even on the brink of death but was revived by multiple content creators. However, that’s not what drew me to the game. My friend bought the game and wanted to play it with some friends. She bought it and didn’t tell me until the game was actually installed. I decided to buy the game and play with her as I was again running out of options for games to play.

At the time, I believed Rainbow Six Siege would be a good addition to the games I play on an about daily basis. Whenever you don’t have someone possibly yelling in your ear, the game can be enjoyable or even just with some friends. It’s a wonderful game without the knowledge of the community and the experience with them. You make one wrong decision, and it starts a flame war in chat. The community is the worst out of the three games I reviewed, but it gets the middle spot as the gameplay is at least more enjoyable.

Maybe the game is just newer to me, but Valorant was just stale and even my friend left the game because of the community and overall gameplay. Rainbow Six Siege surely has been an experience and I’ve had my fair share of getting the rare “Black Ice” that everyone pretty much drools for and is classified as the “rarest and best skin in the game,” for all guns that have that variant.

I do not find enjoyment in collecting the skins and outfits for each operator; it’s just too overwhelming. I find it in general core gameplay and competitive atmosphere, and competitive this game is. It’s almost too competitive. Again, flamed for the simplest decisions. The conclusion? Let’s just say that this game is too competitive but outside of that, it’s a fairly fun game and Ubisoft did a good job with the balancing of the game. The best part? Little to no smurfs! It’s amazing which is why this gets the Number 2 spot despite having the worst community out of the three (Overwatch 2 and Valorant).

By Sean Corona, Aliso Niguel High School, Class of 2023

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