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Pokémon Generations Ep 17 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
Looker catches a hurt Espurr. From Pokémon Generations episode 17.

Looker catches a hurt Espurr. From Pokémon Generations episode 17.

YOOOOOOO, what is THIS THING? I can’t even. I thought I was gonna have a hard time hitting this ridiculous 300 words minimum bullshit, but yo since I have no idea who Emma is, I had to do some research via a single article: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Emma. I am so grateful for the detailed work that comes through on that site. Truly. SO NOW I’M CAUGHT THE FUCK UP. Let me give you a little run down about a couple thoughts.

Yoooo, that’s first time I’ve seen animal abuse directly from a human… SAVAGE. Well, you would not be surprised to know that the sexy super suit battle warrior is controlled by Xerosic of the Lysandre Labs. My god, it’s like L Corp or Luthor Corp. For real though, can we just go back to 2:10 cause that ass is just glistening in the moonlight, like wow.

Bruh, I should have played this side mission in XY. Like whutttt. I’m missing outttt. Spending waaay too much of my time breeding instead of immersing myself into some rich story. Your boy Looker is basically papa to this young Emma. Emma, an orphan girl in the HUGE city of Lumiose. And she’s got that pseudo Naruto complex only instead of the kids hating her it’s just the parents… So she’s kinda got homies even in the dark places so she ain’t afraid to roam… but then that got her into some trouble with the wrong crowd. Though who could blame her? The Lumiose Cafe owned by Lysandre can’t be too bad right? Nah… BUT OF COURSE. So Xerosic, using his connections at the fine establishment of Lysandre’s and found some way to seize this little lady in order to do some borderline rape shit. Like bro, you just gonna control her unconscious body to facilitate your already illegal experiments? YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP. I thought Giovanni was bad. Man, Team Flare can really teach Team Rocket a lesson. Like shittt…

Finally, shout out to lil Mimi the Espurr for a being a signature champ just taking a kick to the face but keeping at it cause it ain’t no bitch.

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