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Tales of an ENFP – As Told by an INFJ

by Chris Im

ENFP? INFJ? What are those, comic books characters? Not at all, they’re actually acronyms from a very well known personality test. ENFP stands for Extroverted, INtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. Whereas INFJ stands for Introverted, INtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Confused? Don’t be! A person’s personality is basically divided into four sections with two different categories in each section, leading to four letters that represent the person’s psyche. While not wholly accurate, it does provide a good basis for learning how to understand and deal with people. In any case, you may be wondering why I’m even bothering to describe what Myers Brigg is, or what this has to do with anything “Dork” related.

A sample of what his work on Tales of an ENFP looks like.

A sample of what his work on Tales of an ENFP looks like.

Well, one of my friends (okay, more like acquaintances, but we used to be good friends back in the day), created a Youtube series called Tales of an ENFP. You know how you’ll have some friends who all of a sudden get into fashion, modeling, or blogging and it’s like “Yay! Good for you!” but then they never get any traction, because really there are too many other people out there who are doing the same thing? Well, to be honest, (SORRY ADRIAN) at first I thought this was going to be one of those things that another one of my friends start but never really get anywhere with. But then after watching a video (you know, to be supportive), I realized that his creation was a goldmine. Er… it IS a goldmine. He gets still images (that I believe he himself has taken) and then places an animated version of himself in front where he proceeds to vlog and share stories from his life and perspective. The resounding effect is an original, hilarious, and unique creation. If you’re familiar with D0MICS, you’ll get a better idea of what he’s doing. But you won’t get the full effect from reading about it in my post, so please, check him out. His YouTube site is here.

I promise you will not regret watching his videos.

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