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The Continental: Meet Director Albert Hughes

by Neil Bui

Leading up to the premiere of The Continental: From the World of John Wick, director of the first and third episodes Albert Hughes spoke with Dorkaholics’ Neil Bui about his goals as a director on the series, the ways he tied the series back to the films, how he expanded the world, and more.

Neil Bui: What was your goal for The Continental as its director and in what ways did you tie back to the John Wick films? What ways did you expand?

Albert Hughes: I think the goal would be to keep the flavor of the universe and the world of John Wick while taking a different road because we’re back in the seventies, we’re in an origin story and you don’t want to give the John Wick hardcore fanbase something that’s done wonderfully well by Chad and Keanu like an imitation. You want them to have a breath of fresh new air. We get to reverse engineer things that we love from the film and place it in the 70s, which is a fun playground, not only because of the fashion and the music, but because we’re introducing new characters as well. We have a younger Winston and we have a younger Charon, which is interesting. But then you have to weave in who’s around them, who’s helping them, who’s battling against them, and all that good stuff.

Neil Bui: And when you look back, what would you want The Continental to be remembered for amongst fans, new and old? Cause I’m hoping The Continental brings in fans that aren’t as familiar with John Wick.

Albert Hughes: I would say it’s the thing I got when I was watching the Wick films as a fan and a moviegoer. Just the really fun, wild escape that you were able to check out and watch interesting characters with an interesting storyline and some nice eye candy, which they do so well. And just to let go of your life and come into this world of escapism, the subculture of assassins, the mystery, the mythology, the enigmatic nature of a lot of the characters, the idiosyncratic, wild characters. Like it’s just a fun time to be had. And it can get heavy because you introduce drama, but you also are trying to let the audience know it’s okay to release and laugh sometimes and have fun.

Catch The Continental: From the World of John Wick on Peacock.

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