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‘Caper’ Trailer! What if the good guys went rogue?

by Stephen Huynh

As we all saw from movies like Chronicle and Scott Pilgrim vs The World, being the good guy pretty much sucks and doesn’t always pay the bills. If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought about it. If you had powers, you’d pretty much use them for yourself, perhaps get even with some bullies or get rich fast by robbing a bank.

Caper is the story of a crime-fighting team doing just that. In order to survive in our normal, mundane world of white and blue collar jobs, a group of super powered friends fall short of paying their rent and resort to robbing the rich. Sounds legit.

Coming in February from Felicia Day‘s multimedia company and Youtube network Geek & Sundry, “Caper” comes from Amy Berg (of “Eureka” and “Leverage” fame) and Mike Sizemore, writer for the stage adaptation of “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

The series is set to utilize both live-action and animated scenes, which from the trailer, looks awesome.


Beth Riesgraf, left, Harry Shum Jr., Abby Miller and Hartley Sawyer in “Caper.” (Elle Schneider / Geek & Sundry)

The web series stars Abby Miller, Harry Shum Jr. (“Glee”), Beth Riesgraf (“Leverage” – Oh how I loved her in this) and Hartley Sawyer as the four super hero friends turned thieves.

‘Caper’ is the first in Geek & Sundry’s slate of original shows set for release in 2014…Fun, compelling and well-written scripted series have always held a special place in my heart, and certainly something that delights our community as well.

Felicia Day (Source: HeroComplex)


Harry Shum Jr., clockwise from left, Beth Riesgraf, Hartley Sawyer and Abby Miller in “Caper.” (Elle Schneider / Geek & Sundry)

For more information and an interesting interview, head on over to HeroComplex, where they interview co-creator and executive producer, Amy Berg, and actress, Abby Miller for more juicy details.

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