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Dating for Dorks: Thanksgiving

by Kat Liu

Confused wants to know “how do I determine if it’s an appropriate time to introduce my girlfriend to my family this Thanksgiving?”

You’re kind of picking a risky time to introduce your girlfriend to your family. It’s like the equivalent of coming out on Gay Pride Day. You’re picking a memorable day to reveal your better half. So it’s not like bringing her home for brunch…

“Hey this is my friend… sometimes we have sex… it feels good… she’s awesome… whatever…”

You’re like bringing her home on Thanksgiving where you’re carving the turkey, taking pictures, sharing baby photographs, and memories. So be sure, like really sure, that you want to introduce her to your family before you actually do it. Because you might shoot yourself in the foot. BANG BANG.

When is an appropriate time? You could wait for her to prompt you.

You could say nothing and you’ll just be that asshole. Which in that case she’ll know that you’re not ready to take her back home and make that commitment. Which actually doesn’t make you an asshole. It makes you honest. But feelings are still going to be hurt. But what can you do? Casualties of love.

To answer your question: when is it appropriate to bring your girlfriend home on Thanksgiving, you want to be comfortable enough in your relationship, realize that you’re bringing her home on a memorable day, your family is going to remember it, you’re going to remember it, she (your girlfriend) is going to remember it, and you’re making a big !@#$%^& deal out of it.

Have a conversation with her where you ask about her plans and see if she gives you that prompt to invite her over and come see her fam.

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