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Interview with Daniel Kaito from Strike Project

by Mike Pinkerton

Daniel Kaito is a cosplayer, singer, actor, and costume maker from Indonesia. I’ve talked to him numerous times, but finally got him to do an interview for Dorkaholics about his costume making.

Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

Kamen Rider Wild Chalice costume, made by Strike Project.

TUE 6:26PM
MP: Hey Daniel! Could I interview you some time about your cosplay and Strike Project?

DK: Hey Mike. Sure you can.
MP: Awesome! It’d be for dorkaholics.com

DK: Okey, so how you will interview me?
MP: Just through facebook. and if you have any pictures you’d like to add, lemme know
or any questions you’d like me to ask. I can edit it as well.

DK: Okay!
MP: What do you do when you aren’t doing cosplay?

DK: I am a student at some ITB (Bandung technology institute) I took art faculty. I am a singer too, I launched my single with Japanese lyrics, and I am teaching some art lessons too. ?
And I am a painter as well.
MP: You’re a real renaissance man, eh?
What is the “nerd culture” like where you’re from, in Indonesia?

Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

The man hard at work. Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

DK: Hmm you mean some nerd culture? Or you asking where do I stay?
MP: I mean what are the people like that are considered nerds? Comic book fans, video game fans, superhero fans, cosplayers…

DK: Oh I see. I stay at Bandung city, and here, there are lot Japanese addicts.
Like anime fans, tokusatsu fans, etc. That’s why there are lots of Japanese events every year.
MP: What kind of events?

DK: Japan festival
MP: Cultural festivals?

DK:It’ss like Japan pop and traditional festival.
MP: Together? That’s interesting. In the US, people keep them separate.

DK: Yes of course and sometimes, we mix it with our culture like the Bandung Japan Festival.
MP: What is that like?

DK: It’s like mixing our traditional culture (At Bandung) with Japanese Traditional and Japanese pop in one event. We make some Odori performance, do a Para Para dance, and then show our Sundanese traditional dance.
MP: Sounds like a really fun place to be!

DK: Yeah. That’s why lot Japanese chose to live in Bandung. I have many Japanese friends out here.
MP: Lots of Toku fans? What costumes do you enjoy wearing the most?
DK: Tokusatsu.
MP: Anything in particular? Do you have a favorite one?

DK: Sure! Kamen Rider
MP: I love Kamen rider. In America, he doesn’t get enough love. What’s your favorite Kamen Rider series?

Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger/Green Zyuuranger, also by Strike Project

Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

Kamen Rider Kuuga, worn and made by Daniel Kaito.

DK: Ahahha yes many Americans love Super Sentai. I love (Kamen Rider) Agito and (Kamen Rider) Den-O.
MP: Do many people order Kamen Rider Cosplays from you? Or is it more Power Rangers?

DK: In Indonesia, people order Kamen Rider, but we got a lot of orders from U.S.A. too, but for Super Sentai.

MP: Is it harder to make Kamen Rider costumes?

DK: Yes.
MP: What types of materials do you use for the costumes?

DK: Foam, and leather. And now, I’ve been using special plastic which can’t be broken.

MP: Do you try to make costumes that people could use to film fight scenes with?

DK: I can, but only if people order. Well, actually all my costume are so strong, you can use it in films.
MP: Has anyone described doing stuff like this?

DK: You mean?
MP: To use your costumes for filming.

DK: Not yet.
MP: Would you like to see Strike Project head in that direction? Towards making costumes for movies, or do you prefer making costumes for fans?

DK: Both of them, I mean if I don’t have any benefit, I prefer to make it for the fans.
MP: The tokusatsu fanbase is very interesting. I’ve personally always wanted to get an old Toku costume, like Kikaider 01 or Kamen Rider Ichigo. The costumes were much more amusing back then.

DK: Yeah (laughs).
MP: Thanks for the questions, is there anything you’d love to add?

DK: No , just give me the link when it’s ready!

(Daniel Kaito can be reached on his Strike Project facebook page, where he’s selling amazing costumes that you’ll have to check out. Daniel speaks English as a third language, so this interview was edited)

Courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

Play us off Daniel.

Check out Daniel’s Strike Project Facebook page here.

All images are courtesy of Daniel Kaito.

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