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Super Team for Superman! Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. Confirmed as New Writer and Artist

by Don Pham

geoffjohnsIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, look–it’s Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.!

Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m not the biggest Superman fan, but when you have the legendary Geoff Johns (top left) as a writer and the masterful John Romita Jr. (top right) as the artist then you can tell me they’re writing My Little Pony and I would still be absolutely ecstatic (no offense to you fans out there).

Many of you are probably wondering who these guys are and why I’m geeking out about them. Well prepare to get educated!

Geoff Johns is a Chief Creative Officer of DC and has been a part of some of their most notable arcs (stories of a continued series), not to mention has written some of the major Marvel titles (Avengers, X-men, etc). For those that are new to the comic scene, you cannot go wrong with starting out with some Geoff Johns comics (the man revitalized Green Lantern and created a whole new generation of fans for the Emerald Knight).

I can go on for DAYS but you get the idea. To check out more titles, check this out.

Now for those unfamiliar with John Romita Jr., he’s a talented artist that has mainly worked with Marvel in the past but seems to be branching out to DC.

It seems art is embedded in his DNA as his father was (big surprise) John Romita, who happens to be one of the legendary Marvel Bullpen artists.

John Romita Jr. is also notable for his artwork in the Kickass series and you can find more of his amazing artwork at his website.

So make sure you get a subscription of the brand new Superman series coming out. If any of you new guys need a good starting point, THIS IS IT!!!

Sources: Newsarama.com

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