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Netflix’s Must-See Films Coming Out in 2016

by Linda Lopez

Netflix is gearing up for its biggest year ever for original films with at least fourteen movies either produced or purchased by the company expected to be released at some point this year.

Here are three films we at Dorkaholics recommend you keep an eye out for.

“Pee-wee’s Big Holiday” (March 18)  

Wait, Pee-wee? Seriously? He’s not even funny…

As someone who grew up watching the quirky, somewhat bizarre Pee-wee TV show and movies, consider this a sentimental pick.

According to Netflix, the new film will tell the story of Pee-wee’s first holiday vacation, which he takes after meeting with a “mysterious stranger.”

If you’re looking a film with Oscar worthy acting and a melodramatic subplot then go ahead and skip this one. But if you’re open to some harmless fun then go ahead and bookmark this one.

“Special Correspondents” (April 29)  

Just read the plotline to this film:

“The film stars Eric Bana as a struggling New York City-based radio journalist whose career is in jeopardy because of his arrogance and decadent lifestyle. With his job on the line, he begins faking front line war reports from a hideout above a Spanish restaurant in Queens.”

If there’s one thing I respect the most about a film, it’s originality and this one has it (technically this Ricky Gervais directed movie is actually a remake of a 2009 French comedy but you get the point).

“Underground” (TBD)

There is very little information about this film other than a brief description of its plot.

Directed by Gerard McMurray, the drama centers on a new fraternity pledge who struggles between honoring his code of silence or standing up against the dark side of the hazing process.

Having covered the bizarre world of Greek Life, just the idea of this movie hits close to home for me.

“BRO you just don’t get it! Hazing is part of the BROTHERHOOD!” -every current or former fraternity member reading this right now.

Who knows, this film could end up being a complete bust but as of now there is certainly some potential there.


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